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Is it time to realise your potential?

“As leaders we do not create growth. The best we can do is create an environment that is conducive to growth. It is like planting a garden. You do not cause the seeds to grow. To grow is their natural purpose in life.”

James Hunter

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The Grow Experience empowers seasoned and emerging leaders to gain clarity, connect with your motivations and values, discover your purpose, expand your influence to help you to take action with impact to grow into you and your team’s potential. 


The Grow Experience targets three areas through a combination of 1to1 coaching, Emotional Intelligence profiling, team development and team coaching.


supports emerging leaders and those seeking a promotion

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Over the past few months, Lorna has helped me achieve more through her coaching than I would have ever imagined.  When I decided on a change in careers, I was having a challenging time determining a new path that would provide a healthy work-life balance. Lorna's amazing listening skills helped me reflect on many tough career questions. Her invaluable exercises helped guide me in defining my values and focus on my priorities and direction. Each meeting with her was incredibly productive.  I now feel confident in the career path I'm on especially knowing that it fits with the values I've defined through this coaching journey.

Gilian Engelson

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